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The Desert Gazette Update

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The Desert Gazette Update Empty The Desert Gazette Update

Post by kinghadi10 on Sat Mar 05, 2016 7:12 am

After 5 weeks the Arizona Cardinals sit at 3-2. Carson Palmer has been hurt for the first 4 weeks and finally came back last week against the Lions. There is also a new running back in the desert, Jermey Hill was traded for a first round pick. 

On to the games. Week 4 the Rams dominated the hapless Cardinals to a tune of 30-9. The last game of the EJ Manuel experiment went south quick. Manuel threw a pick on his first attempt and it just went down hill from there. What was surprising was how easily the Rams WR were getting open. Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu were supposed to the most dominate one two CB combo in the league. So far they have been anything but. They have more pass interferences than pass break ups and INTS. 

Last week Palmer came back against the Lions and had a respectful game. He lead the Cardinals to a 20-17 victory on the road. All you need to know about this game was what happened in the final two minutes. Cardinals score on a 5 yard Hill TD run to gain the lead. Then with under 30 seconds a deep pass to Megatron should of been picked off or broken up ended up being a pass interference called on Patrick Peterson.

First down Lions at the around the Cardinal 20. With no timeouts left the back up to the back up to the back up  QB Drew Staton found Megatron for a TD but no wait he was down at the 1. The Lions rush to the line snap it with 1 second left and pretty much for the first time all game the Cardinals secondary was on lock down and the DL was able to rush Staton who tried to force a pass into the end zone resulted in a incompletion. 

Next up for the Cardinals is a road trip to Pittsburgh.

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