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Ruffled Feather Week 4

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Ruffled Feather Week 4 Empty Ruffled Feather Week 4

Post by x3xAnsemx3x on Wed Mar 02, 2016 8:28 pm

Falcons 2 - 2 Besting the Texans 31-27

After a jaw dropping performance in week 3, where the presses had nothing to say, we move on to week 4 match up vs the visiting Texans.

Ruffled Feather Week 4 Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTpy6pXUzLvRuic7O4xLLqeIz80IVpSdt9kQ21L98gHCfSD5MWH
Team captain Matt Ryan coming off one of the worst games of his career, and one of his better performances. A reminder to why he was selected in the first round in 2008. He went 22/35 for 350 yards, 3 touchdowns, and not sacked once. Throwing 2 interceptions, and wildly over throwing walk off touchdowns to his speed receivers Percy Harvin and Harry Douglas. On his first play from scrimmage throwing an interception. However, Matty Ice, kept calm, and at the end of the day, took his team down for a win. Finishing his day with a 101.4 passer rating, and completing 62% of his passes.

On the other side of the field, Mario Williams made a good hit on starter Brian Hoyer finishing his day going 4/10 for 87 yards no interceptions, touchdowns, or sacked. Back up quarterback Kellen Moore went 7/12 for 67 yards, No touchdowns, sacked twice and throwing 2 interceptions.

Ruffled Feather Week 4 9k=
Devonta Freeman, continued his rushing woes. Carrying the ball 15 times for 37 yards and a score. He continues to try to find a groove with his offensive line.

On the other side of the ball, Marshawn Lynch carried the ball 17 times for 53 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Joseph Randle carried the ball 4 times for 43 yards.

Ruffled Feather Week 4 Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRV-8yD80tLQOB3fGSYyPOXoUl5_HFWdLUIO9ixwMgLd1M8OkPW8g
The receiving crew for Atlanta is on point. Julio Jones catching 5 balls for 105 yards, Jacob tame with 4 grabs for 47 yards, Percy Harvin leading the team with 5 catches for 137 yards and a score, and Allen Robinson with 3 grabs for 23 yards and a score. But it was home town hero, the Falcon favorite Roddy White that made the headlines. Down by 3, final minute of the game, Roddy White ran into the huddle and begged for the ball. With that, the huddle dispersed, and lined up into formation. Roddy White, with the game on the line, not bidding for over time, made his only catch of the day, for a 16 yard touchdown, giving his Falcons, and the home town fans something to get behind.

On the other side of the ball, Zach Miller hauled in 4 catches for 48 yards which lead the team. Joseph Randle and Marshawn Lynch each caught the ball twice, Randle with 43 yards and Lynch with 33. Arian Foster had a catch for 6 yards, Crotchery with a grab for 14 yards and Morgan had one for 10 yards.

Ruffled Feather Week 4 Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSFjE7aAvifVEzSZwl_BfT8-xMv6cKgW2ScAHaNGKr3PmBaIWKtrw
Its been no secret, that Atlanta has had its problems defensively. Lack of a pass rush, in ability to stop the passing game, or even stopping the run. "Defense is over rated" Former coach Mike Smith used to preach. Dan Quinn, has a different idea. "D up you fuckers, or you're playing for Jacksonville" message sent and received. Vic Beasley and Mario Williams each getting a sack, Brandon Spikes, Brooks Reed, Ricardo Allen, and Desmond Trufant each getting an interception. it was Brooks Reed interception that sealed the game. All Together holding the Texans to 140 yards passing, and 101 rushing yards on the day. Claiming 4 turnovers and getting off the field on 3rd down.

On the other side the ball, the Texans weren't able to get to quarterback Matt Ryan, Benardrick McKinney with an interception, and 90 year veteran Roman Harper returning an interception for a touchdown. Rahim Moore did stake claim to a fumble forced, on a miscue WR Screen mishap.They Held the Falcons to 37 rushing yards, and 355 passing yards, forcing 3 turn overs. They respectfully held the Falcons in place for the entire game, until Falcons simply kept the fighting spirit and never gave up and played until the final down.

Ruffled Feather Week 4 Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcThy_GKJJ3A_VJL63iZHWfkPZckuqcP4soEj0toun2R8Yjh5sKBdA
Falcons 2-2 Vs Redskins 1-2

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