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Post by x3xAnsemx3x on Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:57 am

ATLANTA FALCONS Win Season Opener  1-0

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With injured Matt Ryan on the bench until week 2, Matt Sims made his NFL debut. He didn't throw any interceptions or touchdowns in the contest. He looked poised and made smart reads. The ball got away from him at times, but that happens to the best of us.

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Devonte Freeman had a respectable day on the ground helping out the second string quarterback. Gathering 160 total yards from scrimmage and a touchdown he helped lead his team to a victory. Look for him to get more carries and more yards as the season gets underway.

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Wide receivers is where the Falcons bolstered. Bringing in Percy Harvin and Allen Robinson. Percy Harvin suffered a foot contusion tying his shoes that morning, so was ruled out after making 3 catches. Allen Robinson, Roddy White, and Julio Jones with 5 grabs for 99 yards led the team. He did stay out of the endzone in the contest, but don't count on holding him out for long.

The Ruffled Feather Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSDJ9jTyiJ5UQow5Ncxf32zZb-iH-d0kYk2rwirkUUhCDoBspHW

Defensively, the defense has never looked better. Brining in Mario Williams and Donta Hightower. Snatching an interception from Sam Bradford, the poor Eagle offense never got into a rhythm. They had flashes of doing well, then the Falcon defense was quick to put an end to it. It will be truly exciting to see how this defense develops over the upcoming weeks.

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