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Scheduling Forum Procedure

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Scheduling Forum Procedure

Post by Seb on Wed Oct 08, 2014 6:18 pm

As you all know, MFL033 is a pretty active league. The vast majority of the owners are available to play daily and want every weeks to go the fastest possible. However, it is impossible to expect and ask everyone to play all their games, make all their roster moves and other important stuff they need to do for their franchise on a daily basis because well, people have lives and can't always be on at the same time as their opponents.

That is why there is the scheduling forum!!!

Now the Scheduling forum is a MANDATORY tool used to help owners reach an agreement on when is the best time for them to kick the ball off the tee! Scheduling Forum rules are pretty simple and will now be enforced. 

How it is going to be used:

I will now be sending a PM after each advance to let the whole league now that the week has now been advanced. When you receive the PM, you will officially have 24h to post in the scheduling forum. 

What do we want to see on the scheduling forum:

I don't want to see no ''when you want to play?'' anymore. Just let your opponent know of your availabilities and he will be able to schedule with you knowing the time you can get on.

Failure to post under the 24h delay:

As you all know, this is MANDATORY to come on the site DAILY. The 24h rule shouldn't be a problem knowing that everyone pretty much does follow that already. The only difference now is that you NEED to post on the forum just so everyone knows when the game will be played. 

UNFORTUNATELY, failure to do so will have consequences... If you fail to post on the forum during the 24h delay, your opponent will be allowed to request to face auto.

Failure from both owners to post on under the 24h delay:

Well pretty simple here, the game is considered a sim! Make sure you get it done before the last scheduled game is played because no one wants to take a sim(Injuries+++).

Multiple failures:

You get a strike every time you fail to follow the procedure, 3 strikes does mean batter's out even up here in Canada! 

Thx to everyone to follow this simple procedure and hopefully we continue our great long lasting League for years to comes!!! Smile



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