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Team List for TL

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Team List for TL

Post by Phreak1123 on Fri Dec 02, 2011 8:44 pm

AFC East

Buffalo Bills- rg_m24
Miami Dolphins- MJD4MVP
New England Patriots- jamesrc55
New York Jets- Edibilezs

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens- B1ess
Cincinnati Bengals- tro0pppoyghy
Cleveland Browns- awsmsauce
Pittsburgh Steelers- Pentheon

AFC South

Houston Texans-
Indianapolis Colts- bayouranch
Jacksonville Jaguars- kinghadi10
Tennessee Titans- Blckmagik

AFC West

Denver Broncos- dirtydirty7
Kansas City Chiefs- helmnogrel
Oakland Raiders- Dodge4724
San Diego Chargers- All I Do Is Win

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys- CrackerJaxk
New York Giants- mokafaty
Philadelphia Eagles- Tony
Washington Redskins- MarkAJ311

NFC North

Chicago Bears- PhEagles0-16 (PSN- Cole416)
Detroit Lions- rccola39
Green Bay Packers- snDrs
Minnesota Vikings- donnyriz

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons- Ansem
Carolina Panthers- Phreak1123
New Orleans Saints- sck909
Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Mr_Future

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals- kask
St. Louis Rams- dontbscurred
San Francisco 49ers- Mahoney
Seattle Seahawks-

Here is the team list as of right now it will be updated as more people join and select teams.
The League info is as follows:
Name: TL33
Password: is the same as the other leagues (if you dont know the pw pm me for it)
League manager link is in the league manager link topic on the forums under TL.
Remember to refer to the rules for Free Agent Signings and other important issues that you may want an understanding of. If something isnt addressed in the league rules ask me or a fellow commissioner. Hoping for a good season. You can begin playing your games as soon as you have an opponent.

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