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Madden 13 Cap space.

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Madden 13 Cap space.

Post by Ansem on Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:39 pm

Jacksonville Jaguars: $25,115,885
Tennessee Titans: $19,970,080
Cleveland Browns: $17,774,764
Kansas City Chiefs: $16,548,048
Cincinnati Bengals: $16,309,693
Philadelphia Eagles: $15,879,570
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $15,740,231
Indianapolis Colts: $14,595,514
Green Bay Packers: $11,255,804
Denver Broncos: $10,878,461
New England Patriots: $10,873,988
Minnesota Vikings: $10,595,534
Carolina Panthers: $8,769,801
Seattle Seahawks: $7,470,071
Buffalo Bills: $7,382,319
Dallas Cowboys: $7,188,021
Washington Redskins: $6,970,162
New York Jets: $6,044,153
Arizona Cardinals: $4,552,576
Miami Dolphins: $4,458,211
Houston Texans: $4,053,256
Chicago Bears: $3,976,700
Detroit Lions: $3,775,829
Pittsburgh Steelers: $3,734,063
St. Louis Rams: $3,602,486
San Francisco 49ers: $3,394,599
New York Giants: $3,119,114
San Diego Chargers: $2,862,095
Atlanta Falcons: $2,834,873
New Orleans Saints: $2,272,081
Oakland Raiders: $1,347,040
Baltimore Ravens: $606,858

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Re: Madden 13 Cap space.

Post by Tails on Sat Jul 14, 2012 3:52 pm

As of July 1st, Anyway. Probably won't be the same when the game releases.

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